Basingstoke Foodbank

Written by Webmaster.

We have a collection point for the Trussell Trust operated Basingstoke Foodbank at Immanuel. Please give generously. The food and goods collected will be regularly taken to the foodbank for distribution. You can read more about the work of the Trussell Trust HERE. Did you know that the Trussell Trust foodbanks provided emergency food and supplies to more than 1million people in the year 2014-15 (stats here).

There are the goods that we are collecting:

 Tinned meat (eg; ham, mince, stew)

UHT milk or milk powder


Sugar (500g bag)

UHT Fruit Juice

Vegetables (tinned carrots, peas, sweetcorn)

Pasta sauces

Sponge pudding, packet puddings, jelly


Rice Pudding (tinned)

Custard or evaporated milk

Instant mash potato

Tinned Fish

Crackers/Oat Cakes/Biscuits/Chocolates

Spreads (jam, marmite, bovril, peanut butter)

Male & Female Toiletries.


Please only donate food and items of the quality that you would expect to use yourself.