At Immanuel we're in a rather unique situation! We are what is known as a 'Parish Centre of Worship'. This means that you have more choice in where you can get married if you meet certain qualifying connections that are set down in law (read more about what a qualifying connection is here). 

Immanuel has a small worship space which is part of the physical building of St Mark's CofE Primary School. When we need more space, we worship in the school hall. We can hold weddings in either space and of course, there is the opportunity to transfer either space into something quite wonderful - it's a blank canvas!

However, we also understand that many couples wish to be married in a more traditional church building and because we are a Parish Centre of Worship, the law allows this. Those who have a qualifying connection with Immanuel are able to get married in a parish church that geographically borders Immanuel. 

We have close ties with the parish of Farleigh, Candover and Wield, the other side of the M3 and only a few minutes from Hatch Warren & Beggarwood and their pretty, country churches. Fr Michael works with the vicars there to help prepare couples for marriage and is able to conduct marriage services in those churches. 

So, if you're considering getting married, Fr Michael would love to talk with you about how we can help. You have the opportunity to be married in a beautiful country church and have your local vicar take the service. Getting married in church needn't be expensive either. 

If you decide to be married in another church, you will need to have your Banns of Marriage read at Immanuel if you live in Hatch Warren & Beggarwood. Get in touch with Fr Michael as it's a simple process but is a legal one too.

We'd love to be involved in your big day! Get in touch if you'd like us to help in any way.